Dr. Prathap C. Reddy


“Having played a key role in the evolution of healthcare in India, we are now going a step further: taking India’s healthcare excellence to the world. Radiology as a clinical service has undergone a sea of change over the years, enriched by education, science and technology. But the level of subspecialty expertise, which is imperative for the most accurate diagnosis and treatment, is still a work in progress. To address this very critical issue, we set up Apollo Radiology International with the most experienced and versatile team of Radiologists extending unparalleled subspecialty coverage. Aligning with our corporate vision, we are committed to making it possible for healthcare providers of all sizes, across the globe, to benefit from our subspecialist Radiology support.”

Ms. Sangita Reddy


“We, at Apollo Hospitals believe, technology has transformed healthcare. With focused outlays on technology and people, we have made rapid strides with transformations that not only reflect the dynamic world of healthcare, but also meet the growing healthcare needs of the global community. We envisioned Apollo Radiology International to play a defining role in taking this healthcare revolution forward. Capitalizing on our legacy of excellence, through ARI, we are all set to bridge the gap of subspecialist Radiology expertise with interpretations and solutions that help healthcare institutions across the world achieve their clinical goals.”