Dr. Saravanan Munusamy

Dr. Saravanan Munusamy


Subspecialty Lead for Neuroradiology

Dr. Saravanan Munusamy is responsible for timely delivery and consistency of the Radiology reports and subspecialty radiology opinions from teams in India and the UK. He is also entrusted with the responsibility of co-ordinating the quality assurance processes of the company.

Prior to joining ARI, Dr. Saravanan worked as a Consultant Neuroradiologist at Stockport Hospitals NHS Trust (UK), as the Head of Apollo Institute of Interventional Radiology in Chennai and as an Honorary Lecturer, Dept. of Radiology, Royal Lancaster Infirmary (UK).

Dr. Saravanan graduated from PSGIMSR, Chennai. He did his Radiology residency on the Manchester Training scheme. He subsequently underwent subspecialty training in MSK Radiology at Salford Teaching Hospital followed by a Diagnostic and Interventional Neuroradiology Fellowship under the University of Manchester and University of London. He holds a Certificate of Completion of Training in the UK. He is on the GMC’s Specialist Register for Clinical Radiology with a license to practice.