Radiology is one of the most critical clinical functions of healthcare. The paradigm of Radiology services has rapidly changed over the years, fuelled by the evolution of technology. But to constantly maintain the level of expertise required to optimize patient outcomes has become a challenge for healthcare centres across the world, largely due to the sheer scale of the field which has grown increasingly specialized. This has resulted in an increased need for subspecialist Radiologists to interpret imaging studies for accuracy and enhanced clinical outcomes.

Acknowledging the growing needs of the global medical community, Apollo Radiology International (ARI) is primed to offer comprehensive, round-the-clock  subspecialist Radiology Coverage, apart from Radiology Education, Research and Artificial Intelligence. A distinguished part of Apollo Hospitals, ARI brings unparalleled leadership, experience, vision and technology in Radiology reporting for hospitals, imaging centres and other Radiology practice groups across the globe.

Any healthcare provider, small or big, needing full or supplemental subspecialty Radiology coverage can benefit from the convenience, quality and accuracy of ARI’s specialized Radiology support to fortify their practice. With a team of highly skilled and experienced Radiologists, we raise the bar in subspecialist Radiology reporting of all imaging modalities.

This apart, with our new but already successful forays into Radiology education and research including our partnerships in developing Artificial Intelligence applications for Radiology, we have rapidly expanded our scope and reach over the last one year.